Breaking the Code: Times and Seasons
Synchronism and Chronology and 457 BC
Part I – Biblical Synchronism and Chronology – Explanation1-7
Part II - Synchronism and Chronology in Ezekiel8-16
Part III - Paganism Absorption of Christianity17-23
Part IV – Why Do We Still Use a Roman Calendar Today?24-28
Part V – Unfolding and Counteracting the Plot to Take Over29-35
Part VI – Value of Synchronism and Chronology36-40
Part VII - Chronology of 457 BC - Based on the Millerites’ Calendar41-54
Part VIII – Synchronisms and Chronology of 457 BC – Verses Study55-63
Part IX - 457 BC – Based on Astronomy, Archaeology and History64-69
Part X - Biblical Genealogy and the Second Coming70-76