In the history of the nations the student of God's word may behold the literal fulfillement of divine prophecy. Babylon, shattered and broken at last, passed away because in prosperity its rulers had regarded themselves as independent of God, and had ascribed the glory of their kingdom to human achievement. The Medo-Persian realm was visited with the wrath of Heaven because in it God's law was trampled underfoot. The fear of the Lord had found no place in the hearts of the vast majority of the people. Wickedness, blasphemy, and corruption prevailed. The kingdoms that followed were even more base and corrupt; and these sank lower and still lower in the scale of moral worth...

To understand these things, - to understand that "righteousness exalted a nation;" that "the throne is established by righteousness," and "upholden by mercy;" to recognize the ourworking of these principles in the manifestation of His power who "removeth kings and setteth up kings," - this is to understand the philosophy of history. (Proverbs 14:34; 16:12; 20:28; Daniel 2:21). In the word of God only is this clearly set forth." Prophets and Kings, p. 501, 502.

It is written, the Bible, Daniel, chapter 2.

The Bible Companions, Prophets and Kings, chapter 40.


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