From the rise and fall of nations as made plain in the books of Daniel and Revelation, we need to learn how worthless is mere outward and wordly glory. Babylon, with all its power and magnificence, the like of which our world has never since beheld, - power and magnificence, which to the people of that day seemed so stable and enduring, - how completely has it passed away! As "the flower of the grass," it has perished. James 1:10. So perished the Medo-Persian kingdom, and the kingdoms of Grecia and Rome. And so perishes all that has not God for foundation. Only that which is bound up with his purpose, and expresses His character, can endure. His principles are the only steadfast things our world knows.

A careful study of the working out of God's purpose in the history of the nations and in the revelation of things to come, will help us to estimate at their true value things seen and things unseen, and to learn what is the true aim of life." Prophets and Kings, p. 547.

It is Written, the Bible, Daniel, chapter 7.

The Bible Companions, Prophets and Kings, chapter 44.


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