INDIVIDUALLY: Prepared as a file system, this program includes photos, illustrations, references and much more, to allow each individual person to pursue his/her own research and discovery. Adopting the way of a chemist or a biologist, different elements are submitted in each document to allow the Bible to become its own interpretor and to draw the right conclusions. (Isaiah 28:13). Each file can be analyzed, studied, and researched in order to undertand and appreciate its theme. Although the table of contents is chronologically ordered, each file can be studied separately.

IN SMALL GROUPS: This program has been prepared to be used also in small groups, sitting around a table, each participant having his/her files, the Bible, an English, Hebrew and Greek Concordance (to research a complementary verse or to find the root and meaning of a word) and the Bible Companions (called as such to identify the Spirit of Prophecy books of E. G. White). These small groups can be organized in a house setting and can reach all ages, young and old without exception.

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